Free your neck & shoulders! Exercise 1

The busy person’s quick guide to free your neck and shoulder from stiffness and pain – Exercise 1

Take action to release your shoulder and neck pain by finding the sources of the problem. A neighborhood area to the pain, is very often contributing to the problem.

Try one, a few or all of these SIX exercises to figure out which one helps! The goals is to deeply release your neck and shoulder stiffness. 5 MORE EXERCISES IN SEPARATE BLOG POSTS.

1. Breathing as relaxation messenger

Guiding your breathing through a different path in your body can be a huge help to relax the deep inner body muscles so that you feel lighter and taller. These exercises work in any position or in any place:

– You place one hand under your sits bone /or in front of your pelvic abdominal bone … the other hand rests on your shoulder.

– Now visualize while your next breath starts, that you pull in / suction in the air from under your sits bone and you drive it up DIAGONALLY to the opposite side to the shoulder … then you release the breath, breathing out through that shoulder letting it sink down.

Variation: breathing from your sits bone up to the crown of your head

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purpose. You should consult with your healthcare provider whether these activities are appropriate for you.

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