Free your neck and shoulders! Exercise 3

The busy person’s quick guide to free your neck and shoulder from stiffness and pain – Exercise 3

Take action to release your shoulder and neck pain by finding the sources of the problem. A neighborhood area to the pain, is very often contributing to the problem.

Try one, a few or all of these SIX exercises to figure out which one helps! The goals is to deeply release your neck and shoulder stiffness. 5 MORE EXERCISES IN SEPARATE BLOG POSTS.

3. Stress freeing of jaw muscles

A stiff and aching jaw is often caused by unconscious grinding of the teeth during sleep and can refer the tension into the neck and shoulder area.

Sitting with your back supported and in a comfortable position, try to apply for 1-3 minutes a gentle acupressure point pressure to the following areas:

• There’s a point area just in front of the lower angle of the jaw-bone … in the depression formed by the muscles when the teeth are clenched. Rest the thumbs against the jaw-bone for support and locate the sore point/acupoint with the soft top of your middle or index fingers. Un-clench your teeth and apply acupressure softly and slightly angled upwards for 2-3 min. Afterwards, you can often feel a deep release in jaw and neck area.

• In all four position, supported by your hands and knees, let the top of your head hang down so that your lower jaw is standing on top of your upper jaw. Now the jaw joint is turned upside down, which switches the work for the jaw muscles. Make a few opening and closing movements of the mouth to release tension.

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purpose. You should consult with your healthcare provider whether these activities are appropriate for you.

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