Free your neck and shoulders! Exercise 5

The busy person’s quick guide to free your neck and shoulder from stiffness and pain – Exercise 5

Take action to release your shoulder and neck pain by finding the sources of the problem. A neighborhood area to the pain, is very often contributing to the problem.

Try one, a few or all of these SIX exercises to figure out which one helps! The goals is to deeply release your neck and shoulder stiffness. 5 MORE EXERCISES IN SEPARATE BLOG POSTS.

5. Assist the neck joints and move them in mini movements

Sitting or lying on your back comfortably, slowly establish a support on the backside of your neck. The support needs to allow you to move your cervical spine / neck, which has a row, top to bottom, of 8 joints one at a time … this will help your muscle and joint stiffness to reset.

– Look at both of your hands facing with the backside to you and with open palms (facing away) and place the tips of the two side to side extended thumbs on top of each other.
– Now move them onto the back of your head so the palms are cradling the head and the thumbs are a little bit lower placed on the upper most neck joints … the thumb line is the support barrier for each section of the neck joint row. It works best when you bend the elbows forward with the arms touching the side of the face.
– Gently bend and straighten your neck starting from the top and focus on keeping the motion controlled only to the area above the thumb line.
– After each movement, place the thumb line always one thumb thickness level further down … so that you move just one additional joint of the neck joint row at a time … moving joint by joint slowly helps the brain to adapt and change the movement so that tense muscles can reset.

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purpose. You should consult with your healthcare provider whether these activities are appropriate for you.

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