Free your neck and shoulders! Exercise 6

The busy person’s quick guide to free your neck and shoulder from stiffness and pain – Exercise 6

Take action to release your shoulder and neck pain by finding the sources of the problem. A neighborhood area to the pain, is very often contributing to the problem.

Try one, a few or all of these SIX exercises to figure out which one helps! The goals is to deeply release your neck and shoulder stiffness. 5 MORE EXERCISES IN SEPARATE BLOG POSTS.

6. Natural posture matters

Natural posture is the alignment of our body centers (thoracic room and abdominal/belly room) over the base of our feet and leg extensions so that we experience a vertical spring-like reaction to our gravity world. I will keep this section sweet and short as it is the most involved to address.

The guideline is that if you feel your body center is tired and compressed, and you have to always fight it to stay upright, then the boss of your active body structure (the brain) is managing some structure that should be supporting itself. There is some system of your body which needs adaptation, since being centered is normally effortless and your body naturally has a self supporting posture … I will address some key points in future posts, but overall it is an indicator of greater dis-balance and can be greatly helped with one on one work with a physical therapist. A professional physical therapist can identify the inner and outer roadblocks can clear them and re-training the balanced effortless posture.

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purpose. You should consult with your healthcare provider whether these activities are appropriate for you.

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