Giorgia Hoyer-Fisher

Physical Therapist Giorgia Hoyer Fisher photo

Therapy is a process of finding and treating the root of the problem with hands-on therapy, creating lasting changes within your body.

Giorgia is a German native and a licensed Physical Therapist in Germany and the US for 20 years.

She started her carrier as a nurse dedicated to help people to heal, but changed soon to Physical Therapy recognizing how powerful movement and manual therapy are to ignite natural healing.

Giorgia continues to be enthused by the study of the newest manual treatment approaches including Fascial Counterstrain – a specialized technique that resets the body and frees it from pain patterns quickly and lasting. Adding to this a true understanding of how the body is organizing movement she guides her patients to where they feel empowered, in control and free again.

She worked in several hospitals, rehab centers and private practices to have a well rounded experience.

Since becoming a mom of two wonderful children, now in their late teens, she developed a special passion for pelvic health and healing, a topic that is so often suppressed but in reality  responds  so very well to manual treatment.