I highly recommend Giorgia Hoyer-Fisher for the treatment of chronic pain, stiffness and limited mobility. Like many men my age (late 50’s) I endured occasional, but intense periods of painful lower-back spasms. In my case, these spasms started over 25 years ago. Each episode came on unexpectedly and lasted anywhere from 2-5 days. When the frequency increased to every month or two, I sought treatment from Giorgia.

Giorgia quickly diagnosed the source of my problem as improper positioning of my lower back and poor posture. Not only did her treatments relieve my pain, but the correction of my spinal alignment through exercises and treatment has prevented a recurrence. When I strained my shoulder, she provided similar treatment to correct the positions of my collarbone, upper arm, shoulder blades, and neck. At first I was somewhat skeptical of manipulative therapy methods, but my research showed they are based on sound science over many decades. Giorgia continues to work with me to further improve my posture and increase the mobility and flexibility of my shoulders and hips. Her treatments have enabled me to exercise more and engage in physical activities with little or no discomfort.

David B.

When I met Giorgia I had lost hope. During the delivery of my first child I fractured my tailbone, causing me to feel excruciating pain all day long. I had already seen three different physical therapists, a spine specialist, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, and a massage therapist and none of them were able to help me like Giorgia. Everyone said to go home and do nothing and just wait for it to heal. Many weeks passed and it did not heal or get better. Then I saw Giorgia. She was the first person to tell me she knew what to do – and she did. She works with my whole body not just one tiny spot. She never does anything without checking with me first to make sure I am comfortable and not in pain. When dealing with such an intimate area you need someone you can trust. I trust Giorgia. Giorgia has many different techniques to work on the same area; so if one way does not loosen me up she can try something else she knows. She tailors her treatment to the individual. She also takes the time to get to know you and care about you. I feel very strongly that the female community needs someone like Giorgia. We need someone to help us with these intimate and female specific injuries. I am very confident when recommending her to friends because I know they will be in good hands and never walk away from a treatment feeling anything but hopeful. Because of Giorgia I have gained back hope. Women really need to know about her specialties because there is somewhere we can go to get help; we do not have to stay at home and suffer!

C.A.Livermore, CA

Giorgia’s approach offered insight and control of musculature which is unseen. Through demonstrating a physical model and teaching her participants to focus mentally on those muscles, she is able to teach her patients to control them and improve the muscle tone of the pelvic floor.


Where do I even start with this fabulous woman!  My doctor gave me a referral for physical therapy to address stress incontinence (something many of us women don’t want to talk about but many of us have this issue!) vs. surgery…well her expertise and magical hands has done wonders!  My doctor said women tend to like Giorgia because she takes a more “whole body” approach vs. traditional PT for this issue.

Giorgia is one of the most compassionate and gifted PT’s I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  She is committed to you 150%..you feel like she is your best girlfriend trying to help you out.  She never rushes your time with her and ensures your session is everything it should be to “move forward”.  Some sessions you walk out feeling like you had an amazing massage as she is very gifted in the strain/counter-strain technique for all fascia systems of the body as another reviewer mentioned.  It’s amazing!  As a result of my treatments my posture has even improved!

I can’t recommend Giorgia enough!  You deserve to have your body back and Giorgia is the answer to this!

L.R. Yelp

Giorgia is the therapist that I saw twice a week and I started to feel better immediately. She is very kind and gentle, and she has such a clear way of explaining exercises and stretches to you so that you know exactly what muscles to engage or how to perform the exercises. She is amazing! Plus, she would perform a relaxation technique on me that worked so well. Her treatment was very subtle, yet so effective! The only problem was that I was useless the rest of the day – whatever she did would literally send me home in a stupor and I would pass out for hours. She helped me so much, not only with the techniques that she performed on me, but by teaching me how to perform optimally in my everyday activities. She listened to all of my concerns and targeted her therapy plan in a way that addressed what my goals were as well as taking into account the type of lifestyle that I currently live (studying for hours on end and lugging large textbooks around).

M.B.San Francisco, CA

Giorgia, I just had to take a minute to thank you for all the training you gave me for the pelvic floor wall. Especially the information on how to treat the coccygeus muscle which gives me the greatest pain. The tools you have given me for managing this problem are life changing. So in the middle of the night when the spasm hits I do not feel the fear and reach for the drugs but keep calm and remember what you taught me. I now can even feel it coming on sometimes and deal with it. I wanted to encourage you to keep expanding your education in this field of women’s health to help other women like me that have suffered for so many years. Forever greatful,

E.O.Redwood City, CA

Giorgia is a National Treasure and goes above and beyond the call of duty…and in the delicate areas of concern…a great sense of humor too.

C.O.Alamo, CA

Giorgia took time to learn about my health issues and used special methods that greatly helped my condition to improve. I had gone to other therapists and she was the therapist that helped me heal and get on with my active lifestyle. I am grateful to Giorgia!

E.G.San Ramon

Giorgia, thank you for the information. I have been meaning to tell you how much better my pelvic floor is behaving in just this short time I have been doing the exercises. Pretty amazing!You do an awesome job teaching these concepts that are kind of hard to ‘picture’. You do a very good job of helping me feel what it is.


As a mama (and midwife) with a newborn and a 3 year old it was hard to find the time to get away and take care of myself.  I didn’t have anything major going on, I could have just lived with it.  And I’m really glad I didn’t!  After 2 births and being a mom of 2 young kiddos, I didn’t exactly feel at home in my body anymore.  I worried that as life went on, I would feel less and less confident about my body.  I could feel that my pelvic floor was weak and I wasn’t able to exercise without feeling the signs of it.  Seeing Giorgia a handful of times gave me time to connect to my own body and to what was going on.  Giorgia taught me how to integrate my core and pelvic floor into daily activities as well as specific exercises.  I was able to modify all the exercises so that I could do them while taking care of and soothing my newborn.  She worked on issues all over my body with Manual Therapy. I still have a long way to go in order to feel great in my body.  But, after working with Giorgia, I feel confident again and that I’m moving in that direction.  My pelvic floor issues are barely noticeable now and my whole body feels better!

M.W.Oakland, CA

My doctor referred me to Giorgia for physical therapy to address some pelvic floor deficiencies I was experiencing.  I was very grateful for a non-surgical option.  Giorgia’s hands-on, customized approach worked wonders for me.  Aside from her excellent PT skills, she is warm, compassionate and committed to her patients.

But beyond her expertise in this area, I discovered that she is trained in a strain/counter-strain technique (Jones Institute) for all fascia systems in the body.   This technique has had amazing results on my chronic pain issues.  For me, this approach has been much more effective and gentle than getting a message.  And since she is a PT, she has vast knowledge of body musculature/ligaments, making this a much more viable approach.

Due to a new healthcare law, it is possible to self-refer to PTs.  Plus, my medical insurance provides coverage for this treatment.

Whether you are in need of pelvic floor therapy or pain management due to stress and overwork, Giorgia is an answer to getting your body back in balance.


Giorgia is one of those rare physical therapists that you come across that has a ton of knowledge and amazing hands! Giorgia is an EXCELLENT physical therapist and you will understand what I am saying the first time you visit her office. I was referred to Giorgia by my physician and am so happy and so very thankful. Giorgia listens attentively and will bcome one of your biggest allies. She has a calming personality and explains everything she is doing to improve your condition. She will also give you techniques and strategies to practice at home. My symptoms have improved 100% within the past year. I would highly recommend Giorgia!

Cathy S.Lafayette, CA